This website receives a lot of comments. A lot. And I am just one tiny little person who has taken on the responsibility to answer all these comments. Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing from you guys. I know how hard it is to go through a breakup and how much helpful it can be when you can ask a question on a website like this and receive a reply. This is why, I try to answer every comment that is posted on this website.

However, answering these comments is taking up a lot of time. Time that I can use in writing more helpful articles and add new tactics in the email course (5th step of the 5 step plan). This is the reason why I’ve decided to add a FAQ section on this website. This section will cover most common questions that people ask over here.  If you are reading this, then I’ll recommend you go through these FAQs before asking your question. If after reading this, you still feel like you need to ask, then go ahead and comment. I will read your question and try to answer it to the best of my capability.

1. I am afraid my ex will move on or completely forget about me if I do NC. or

My ex broke up with me because I didn’t pay them attention. Wouldn’t NC make him think that I still don’t pay them attention and make them want to move on? or

I am afraid if I ignore my ex’s calls, he will just get pissed off and move on.


A simple solution to all these problems is to tell your ex that you need some space and time to deal with the breakup and you won’t be contacting them for a while. This way, they will know that you are not moving on, you are just taking some space and time for yourself. And they will be waiting for you to contact them again.

2. My ex contacted me during No Contact. Should I reply?


Ideally, No. But if they keep on calling you or texting you, you can just tell them you need some space and time and you’ll appreciate it if they give it to you.

3. My ex and I have a child together/we work together/live together. How do I apply the no contact rule?

I am going to meet my ex at a party/event/gathering. How should I act?


All these questions are answered in this article, this article and the the 5 step plan.

4. My ex started a relationship with someone else after the breakup, do you think it’s a rebound?


Read this article.

5. I posted my story in the comment section, but it’s not showing up.


The comments are moderated. This means that I need to approve the comments before they show up on the website. It’s necessary because I get a lot of comments on my website and if I don’t moderate them, this website will be full of spam comments.

6. I posted my comment, but it’s not showing up even though it’s been a long time since I posted it.


There are a few possibilities.

1. Your comment was unintentionally marked as a spam comment and it went to the spam folder.

2. Your comment had a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I have to keep the website clean and readable. A comment with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes decreases the overall quality of the website. Which is why, I don’t approve such comments. I am not expecting perfect English from you. Far from it. If I don’t approve your comment because of bad English, it’s probably because your comment is extremely hard to read and understand. Read commenting guidelines on this page.

I understand that even if your English is not perfect, you deserve my support and I do want to help you. But I can’t compromise the quality of my website. If you think you can’t post a comment in proper English, I’ll recommend you email me using the contact form. Please note that it takes me longer to reply to emails because I get a lot more emails than comments. Also, there is a chance that I may never get back to you because the amount of emails I get is simply too much. But I assure you I try my level best to get back to as many people as possible.

7. I sent you an email, but I never got a reply.


Like I said, I get a lot of emails. And I try to reply to as many of them as possible. But keeping up with the comments on Ex Back Permanently and maintaining the website takes up a lot of time. Leaving me only limited time for emails.

8. I subscribed to your email course but I didn’t get the information you promised.


If you subscribe to the email course (which is the 5th step of the 5 step plan), you get an email everyday (with a few gaps in between). Each email consists of some useful information that you can use in your daily life to deal with the breakup pain and get your ex back. Everything I promise is delivered via an email. You’ll just have to wait for it. For example

“What to do if your ex is dating someone else” is covered in the 5th email

“Why your ex left you” is covered in the 7th email

“How To Write The Hand Written Letter” is covered in the 10th email

“Pattern Breaking” is covered in the 23rd email.

Not to mention, every other email has some useful information that is definitely going to help you.

9. How Do I unsubscribe from the emails?


There’s a link at the bottom of each email that looks like this.


Just click on it.

10. Do you do phone coaching?


No, I don’t. Sorry.

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