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Hey Kevin I just wanted to tell you that your words of wisdom has helped me become a better person. the advice on how to have communication & to keep your cool has really developed a new skill for me.
So far things how been better between me and my loved one
And her true feelings are showing again even though we’re still going through the time apart and pain
But I have made her feel comfortable with me lately and she has been talking to me more.


Thank you for all your information. It has been instrumental for me. It saved my marriage. Cheers and best of luck in all your endeavors.


I don’t think you realize how much you’ve helped me. You’ve help pull me through the hardest and most painful relationship of my life.
And I am so happy I did what you said because my ex wants me back now. I’m not so eager to jump back in to it after reading your insights about whether we really should be back together but he wants me again and I could not be more grateful for your help and support. Please keep sending them. You really are amazing!


I am soooooo happy I did this. Tomorrow ends my 30 days!!!! It’s a miracle. I did everything you said. I even lost weight and everyone notices I look better and I feel fantastic. I’m getting looks from other guys and I now feel I’m in charge of my destiny and if he doesn’t fit in its ok!!!! I’m happy and appreciate the love I have for family and friends right now.

I owe this to you. Thanks for your website! You’re so smart!



You did help a lot and thank you we are now married and have three wonderful children 🙂 thank u so much and goodbye


Everything you have taught me through the emails has worked it’s all starting to come back to me, she’s starting to run towards me but we aren’t together yet. we are working on building ourselves up for the perfect day when we do get together, so then again thank you so far for all the time you have taken out to help me with this subject. Thanks A