A TikTok video went viral where a woman shared her experience of getting her ex back almost 8 years ago using a daily email service.


is she psycho or is she committed? both? I’ll take it. #datingstorytimee #yourawkwardbff

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Her story got published in Metro.co.uk, Bristol Post, Belfast Live, Wales Online, and MSN.com.

She later explained in another video that she used a daily email service from our website Ex Back Permanently to help get her back.

According to Nat, the daily email service helped her in the following ways.

  • Telling Her What To Do Daily
  • Daily Reminders to Not Be Desperate or Needy
  • Helping Her Contain Her Emotions and Think Rationally
  • Reminders to Not Focus on Getting Your Ex Back But Focusing on Making Yourself a Better Person
  • Helping her Do No Contact and Stick To It
  • Helpful Daily Advice on Different Situations You May Encounter (such as your ex contacting you).
  • Advice on what to talk to your ex about and what not to talk to your ex about.

Here is why her breakup happened, when they got back together and when they got married:

  • Before the breakup, they moved in with each other too early in the relationship. (In 2014)
  • The relationship got very intense early on.
  • Things got overwhelming after moving in and they both broke up.
  • She always believed that her ex was special and didn’t give up on him.
  • Both of them grew as a person while they were separate.
  • They got back together after 3 months of the breakup.
  • They moved in together again in 2015.
  • They got married in 2017.
  • They had their first child in 2019.
  • Natalie told her husband about using the daily email service in 2020. He found it to be gimmicky but wasn’t surprised that it worked.

Nat (28) is still in a happy marriage with her husband (the ex who she got back) with a beautiful child. She shares her story of the viral video in another TikTok video.


thanks for the love on our crazy little love story – and a special thanks to Emma Dunn with SWNS for covering our silly little story. mama I made it. ✨ #howtogetyourexback #datingstorytimee #yourawkwardbff

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What Does This Story Tell Us About Getting Back With an Ex?

The story can be a beacon of hope for a lot of heartbroken couples out there. It tells us that it is possible to get an ex back and stay in a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

It’s important to note that while Nat wanted her ex back, she didn’t always focused on getting him back. Instead she focused on becoming a better person. The daily emails helped a lot, but it was her mindset of wanting to be a better person that ultimately got her ex back and lead to an awesome relationship that turned into a beautiful family.

While every relationship and every breakup is unique, the right mindset applies to almost every situation. If you want your ex back, focus on becoming a better person and let your ex come back to you organically.

How To Subscribe to The Daily Emails That Helped Nat Get Her Ex Back?

To subscribe to the emails, you need to take a quiz. They are free for everyone. The quiz helps us qualify you (to make sure you want your ex back for the right reasons) and it also tells you an approximate chances of getting back together (based on our 13 years of experience). Use this link to take the quiz and qualify.

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