​The Easiest Way To  ​Get Your Ex Boyfri​end Back ​​ and Keep Him

​You Probably Have a Lot of Questions on Your Mind. Questions Like

  • What can I do to get him back instantly? I don't want him to move on and find a new girlfriend.
  • ​This breakup is very painful. Is he going through the same pain?
  • ​​Does he miss me? Does he care about me? What if he never calls me?
  • ​What can I do to make him call me and tell me he wants me back?

Hi, I'm ​Kevin. You've probably read a few of my articles here at Ex Back Permanently. I've been helping people get their ex back for almost 7 years now. ​I get how these questions can be very difficult to answer.

​But What If I told You ​There Are Bigger, ​MORE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS You Should Be Asking Right Now?

Th​e thing that most women don't realize after ​a breakup is that your mind is in a panicked state. It's in fight or flight mode. It's doing everything it can to save a relationship that's already dead. 

​When your mind is in that state, it can't really get someone to feel attracted towards you.

Imagine a hysterical woman screaming at a ticket counter employee because she doesn't understand how to open email on her own phone because it doesn't have any data connection.

​Your mind is kind of like that. It doesn't understand how the culture works today. And it's screaming at you, questioning you constantly to figure out something that is not really possible.

Your mind is asking the wrong questions. Questions that have no relevance to getting him back and keeping him.


Just like that woman, who is screaming for no reason. Instead, she should just ask "Where can I find the Wifi"?

​Don't underestimate the importance of asking yourself the right questions! If ​there's one thing I've realized in 7 years of helping ​people with breakups; it's that sooner or later, you have to ask yourself the right questions. You either do it now, or you do it after wasting years on another bad relationship.

By the way: ​​All the questions that your "panicked" mind is going through are actually very easy to answer. I'll get to those answers in just a moment. 

​The Power Of No Contact​. And ​How it ​cost ​Ariel a ​lot of money and a heartbreak.

​Ariel was probably just like you at one point in her life. She was searching constantly about getting her ex boyfriend back. On many websites, she came across the concept of ​no contact​.  And how no contact can help bring her ex boyfriend back to her.

But that wasn't enough for her though. She wanted more. More information. She had all these questions in her mind.

What if he doesn't contact me?

What if he moves on?

Does he have a new girlfriend?

​Questions, that are basically coming out of the "panicked mind". Questions that are coming out of fear.

Low and behold, most of the websites have more information. But this information was not free.

​Every website she looked at, had testimonials how their customers got their ex back. Girls raving about how their ex wants them back like never before.

So she went ahead and bought them. In fact, she pretty much bought all the "EX Back Products" she could find.

​In ​Truth: ​It Was Just The Power Of No Contact

​Most websites that sell "Ex Back Products" have tons of testimonials. The only problem is that most of these testimonials are just a result of the no contact rule. The next time you see a testimonial, try to notice if they are praising the product, or "The No Contact Rule".

​Ariel Spent a Lot Of Money. And She Was Happy. But Not For Long.

​​Ariel read almost everything. And finally decided to ​take action. She stopped contacting her ex boyfriend.

She decided she will ​do what every ebook said and start no contact.

​Here's a glimpse of what you will find in almost all the "Ex Back Products" out there

Do No Contact ----> Reach Out To Him ----> Flirt a bit ----> Play hard to get ----> ​Make him jealous

​And before she knew it, her ex contacted her. She used one of the "tricks"  she learned from the eBooks and waited one hour to reply to him. And it seemed to work.

Yup, that's right. Just ​three weeks after starting no contact and her ex wanted ​her back.

"Money well spent", she thought. Those tricks really work.

​​But not for long.

​It may not really be obvious to you right now, but tricks are not really a foundation of a strong relationship. Let me show you a video of an old man waiting for his wife at the airport that went viral.

Do you think the old woman in the ​video is using tricks to get him to fall in love with him for decades? Do you think she waits one hour before replying to him?

Nope. They have a strong connection. They trust each other. They are truly in love. And true love is not based on tricks.

Reality Check: Her Boyfriend Left Again

​As you may have guessed, the tricks Ariel was relying on didn't last for long. Her boyfriend left again. And she was left broken hearted again. Only this time, it was worse.

​The reason she had to go through the gut wrenching breakup again was because she was not asking the right questions.

You see, there are three components of a strong relationship.




​The problem with most "EX Back Gurus" out there is that they only focus on rebuilding attraction with your ex boyfriend.

Sure, "making him jealous" and "playing hard to get" may help you get him back. But that won't change the fact that your relationship with him was broken. And it ​can't be fixed with tricks and manipulation

It doesn't matter how much you fake it or try to control your ex boyfriend's emotion. Unless you fix the root of the problem, nothing will ever change.

And Ariel wasn't the only one who went through this. I've noticed this trend all over the internet. I've seen this thing happen over and over again. Not just with my visitors, but in comment sections of other popular websites as well.


​The success ​stories you see on the internet ​don't really tell you how many people failed in getting their ex back. ​The "Ex Back Gurus" are notorious for ​displaying success stories of no contact rule, when it doesn't always work.

​The truth is, no contact helps a lot of people get their ex back. But in a lot of those cases, the success doesn't last long.

And the cases when it doesn't work to get an ex back....well nobody talks about them.

​How Ariel Fixed The Root Cause Of the Problem

​When Ariel came to me, she was pretty devastated. After speaking to her for a while, we figured out that she has been following a pattern in her relationships for the past ​eight years.

The same pattern over and over again... for ​eight years. She has had 3 major breakups over the course of eight years. Each new breakup more gut wrenching than the last one. She was exhausted and didn't want to try ​anymore.

​​After the la​st breakup (that she had to go through twice), she wanted things to change, but didn't know how.

​Like I said earlier, sooner or later you have to ask yourself the right questions. Ariel was a little late, but she was the right place in her life. She followed my advice and started asking herself the right questions.

  • ​What if I get him back again and he leaves again?
    What ​​is the point of going through all those tricks and manipulation if I can't keep him forever this time? Will our new relationship be healthy and strong? Will th​ere be a strong connection and trust? Will he wait for me at the airport years from now, when we are old?
  • ​Why am I repeating the same relationship patterns? What can I do to change?
    ​This was a major breakthrough for her. She wanted to figure out how to change her relationship patterns. She was in her late 20s and didn't want to continue the same patterns for the next 10 or 20 years. Her desire to change was inspiring. We only gave her a direction to follow.
  • ​How can I fix what was broken?
    ​Her relationship with her ex boyfriend was broken. So much broken that he left her twice. And here she was, trying to win him back again. What could she do to fix what was broken. She tried the bandage solutions that most "Ex Back Gurus" offer. Now, she was determined to find the root of the issue and fix it.

​If you want him back and keep him, you need the right tools.

​No contact is only part of the bigger picture. As you may have guessed by now, I don't just rely on no contact. There are bigger things you need to worry about.

After all, this is YOUR LIFE. And if you don't take control right now, IT WILL KEEP ON REPEATING THE SAME PATTERNS.

I​ understand that the biggest concern in your mind right now is to get him back as soon as possible. I will teach you how to do that, but there are bigger things you should aim for.

In my opinion, you should have an aim to have a strong relationship that lasts for decades. You DESERVE A MAN WHO WILL WAIT FOR YOU WITH FLOWERS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE OLD.

And you won't get that with tricks, manipulation or even no contact.​

​​​But you will get that with the ​right tools​. ​


​Attraction, Connection and Trust

The first thing you are going to do is no contact. It's the first tool in your arsenal. To recover from the breakup, stop panicking and start thinking rationally.

But if you want to get him back and KEEP HIM. If you want to rebuild a strong attraction, connection and trust with him. You will need a lot more than just no contact. This is where I come in.


​You need the tools to reach out after no contact so you can start rebuilding attraction the right way. Without using any tricks or manipulation.

Perhaps you were chasing him before you started no contact. And perhaps he still thinks you want him back. I will teach you exactly how to reach out so you can wipe the slate clean and CHANGE THE DYNAMICS OF YOUR POST BREAKUP RELATIONSHIP.

And the best part is, you WON'T BE USING ANY TRICKS. You will learn how to DO IT WITH HONESTY AND VULNERABILITY.​​​


Rebuilding a connection with him will be a bit difficult if you had a bad breakup. But with the right tools, you will know exactly how to fix what went wrong and ​build the strongest connection you've ever felt with ANYONE.

I will teach you how to

  • ​​Fix what was broken in you as a girlfriend or wife.
  • Fix what was broken in him as a boyfriend or husband.
  • Fix​ what was broken in your relationship or marriage.

​I've developed a system that will teach you how to heal, and how to rebuild attraction and connection with him at the same time. This system WILL WORK ON YOU DURING NO CONTACT and WORK ON YOUR EX BOYFRIEND AFTER NO CONTACT. I'll get to that in a moment. But first, let's talk about trust.


​Trust is the most important foundation of a strong connection. If you've broken the trust of your man, you may still have a chance.​​​

But you must be very careful moving forward. If you make the wrong move, your ex will never trust you again. It is especially important to STAY AWAY FROM TRICKS AND MANIPULATION if rebuilding trust with your ex is your priority.

​The ULTIMATE TOOL to get your ex boyfriend back and keep him

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

  • 1
    ​EBP Advanced Guide: ​Learn how to get him back and keep him forever. In this ebook, you will learn all the tools you need to get him back and keep him in a relationship that most people only dream of.
  • 2
    The​ Advanced Healing Worksheets: A 30 days e-course. ​The secret tool that helps you heal, and figure out how to rebuild attraction and connection IN YOUR PARTICULAR RELATIONSHIP. These worksheets are delivered to you on your email once a day for 30 days. ​Takes 15 minutes a day.
  • 3
    ​The Complete System with Instant Access: ​It's the only system out there that is designed to work with you, instead of just telling you to do no contact. Once you are done with the course, you will know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO NO MATTER WHAT YOUR EX THROWS AT YOU.  You get instant access to everything once you purchase.

​Here's What Our Customers Think

​Remember how I said you should ​ALWAYS TRY TO NOTICE if the testimonial is for the product or the no contact rule? Well, here's your chance.

“​we're determined to work on ourselves and on the relationship so that we get it right this time

​"It feels like I'm getting a do-over on my relationship, that we're both better and stronger people now. Not only have we gotten back together, but we're determined to work on ourselves and on the relationship so that we get it right this time. He's a great guy and I feel so blessed to have another shot with him. Thanks for giving me the help and the hope to not give up on him. Your material helped me formulate a game plan, which was something to focus on when my heart was really hurting."

​​karen Lewis
- ​Georgia, US

​"He wants me back since 2 weeks.."

“​Many thanks Kevin. Your worksheets and daily emails helped me not only to stay sane but also to work on myself, learn a lot about myself. I still love my ex and he wants me back since 2 weeks. However I am uncertain as I just let go myself. We will meet in 2 days. I will listen to my gut feeling and then walk away to digest. "

- ​Austria

​How Much Does it Cost?

​Before I tell you how much the Ex Back Permanently Advanced System costs, I want you to think how much it would mean to you. How much it would mean to

  • ​Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back and Keep Him.... NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SITUATION IS
  • ​Regain Your Confidence, and learn the skills to start and maintain the relationship of your dream
  • ​Get him to want to BUILD A FUTURE TOGETHER
  • ​Keep him madly in love with you WITHOUT using any tricks or manipulation.

​It's not for the weak.

​I've gotta be honest with you, if you are looking for a quick fix solution, it's not for you.

What you will learn in the EBP Advanced System will TAKE WORK AND COMMITMENT.

But if you think your ex boyfriend is worth it, you won't think twice about investing.

​The EBP Advanced System is not expensive. You get years of breakup coaching experience IN A STRUCTURED PROGRAM, to help you heal, get him back and keep him.

And you get all of this fo​r only


​That's a deal compared to what I charge for personal coaching. And like I said before, you are not just getting "the no contact rule" in an ebook. You are getting a complete system to help you rebuild the strongest relationship with love of your life.

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

​Everything you need to get him back and keep him forever. Everything you need get yourself back and grow into the type of woman that every guy wants.

Everything you need to have the type of relationship that lasts for decades and only grows stronger with time.

Do​ you want your ex boyfriend to love you enough to wait for you with flowers when you are both old? If yes, then click the button below.

100% Satisfaction, 60 Days Refund Guarantee


I didn't have any hope, but now I am back with him"

The course has been so helpful in rebuilding myself. It's exceeded my expectations for something I've bought online - when I was feeling vulnerable.

Can't rate it highly enough - ​I didn't have any hope, but now I am back with him. The emails and the worksheets were always there to hold my hands and guide me through the worst part of my life.

​Anita C.
- ​California, USA

About ​Kevin Thompson

​The founder and the mastermind behind Ex Back Permanently. If you've read his articles on the website, you know he doesn't beat around the bush. He is determined to give men and women around the world the tools they need to deal with breakup and build the relationships they deserve.

​It works for almost every situation out there.

​After being in the field for over 7 years, I've seen pretty much every situation that is out there. Trust me, no matter how bad your situation might be, THERE'S A GOOD CHANCE THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU.

​Here are some of the most common situations ​in which my customers found success using the Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

  • ​​He broke up with you
  • ​You broke up with him
  • ​He started dating someone immediately after a breakup
  • He has blocked your number and doesn't want to speak to you
  • He Freaked Out Before a Major Commitment (Marriage or Moving in Together)
  • He ​replies to you but tells you clearly he doesn't want to get back together
  • You were together for a long time (more than 5 years)
  • You were together only for a short time (less than 6 months)
  • You broke up a long time ago but still feel a connection
  • You have children together
  • ​You were in a long distance relationship
  • He said he didn't feel like you are the one
  • He lost attraction during the end of the relationship
  • ​You cheated on him
  • He Cheated on you
  • His parents were against you
  • He hates you and doesn't want anything to do with you

​it takes the guess work away

​The Ex Back Permanently Advanced System is designed to take the guess work away from getting your ex back. There is a good chance you will encounter a range of situations and emotions as you move forward in trying to win him back. But if you are confident in yourself, you will be able to face every situation and come out stronger and more confident than before.

The EBP Advanced System gives you the tools that you can use to fix every situation, even the ones not mentioned above. It's able to do that because it's built around CORE RELATIONSHIP PSYCHOLOGY.

​How does it compare to all the other ex back products?

​It's a valid question and I am glad you asked. You are investing your time, trust and money into us and we want you to be sure that you are satisfied with your investment.

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced

  • ​Based on core relationship psychology
  • ​teaches you how to build a strong relationship that lasts for decades
  • ​includes advanced healing worksheets. an e-course designed to help you heal and figure out how to fix the root cause of your breakup.
  • ​designed to help you become confident and equip you with the tools to rebuild a strong connection with him.
  • ​wants you to act out of love

​A normal "Ex Back Product​"

  • ​based on no contact rule and a few tricks
  • ​teaches you how to manipulate your ex by playing hard to get.
  • ​usually, they offer 5-6 USELESS bonuses about topics that sound enticing but are not very helpful and practical.
  • ​designed in hope that no contact and few tricks will get your ex back, so they can use your testimonial.
  • ​wants you to buy OUT OF FEAR

Here's ​What you get

  • ​The ultimate tool kit to get your ex back
  • ​Advanced Healing Worksheets E-course: THE ONLY COURSE on the internet that helps you heal during no contact and learn how to fix your relationship at the same time.
  • ​Long Distance Reconciliation: A bonus guide that helps you figure out how to get him back if you were in a long distance relationship.
  • ​​Works in almost every situation. Even the ones that seem impossible.
  • ​Tells you exactly how to re-initiate contact and rebuild a strong connection, attraction and trust with your ex; so he never leaves you again.
  • ​​Designed for the strong minded woman. Who wants to take control of her love life and get the relationship she deserves.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


60 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't ​​think EBP Advanced System is worth your time and money,​ just let us know within 6​0 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Why should I pay money for this information?

​I am still not sure if it will work for my situation

​I don't want to invest my time and money if I am not sure it will work for me

​I am not sure how to pay you.

​How can I know you will honor your refund policy?

Is This an ebook? Do you ship to my country?

​Why don't you have a "simple trick" I can use to get him back permanently?

​Do you accept CryptoCurrencies or Bitcoin?

P.S.: ​ It might sound strange to you, but I care about you. I care about you more than this website. I care about you more than my products.

And even though I can use the same tactics that other Gurus use to make a sale, I won't do that. I won't ask you to make a decision out of FEAR.

I don't want you to be afraid of losing your ex boyfriend forever. Not when there is a bigger danger out there.

​The bigger danger is losing YOURSELF.

​I've developed a system to help you not only GET YOUR BOYFRIEND BACK, but also GET YOURSELF BACK.

It's everything I would want ​someone I care about to have. This is why I offer a 60 days refund policy. If ​it doesn't work for you, just as for a refund.

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