The 5 Conversations You Need to Have With Your Ex To Get Them Back Permanently

"What can I say to my ex to get them back?"

It’s a simple question. And I have been asked this question at least a thousand times before by my readers and clients from all over the world.

​Do you know why this question is so common?

​Our brain is constantly trying to figure out a solution to ​the breakup pain. ​Our brain wants a simple answer to the problem it's currently facing. And if they can just figure out some sort of "magic words" to make their ex come back, they can solve this problem and live happily again.

Usually, I would just ignore such questions and think of them as one of the many desperate questions that the mind asks. Questions like,

“What if my ex moves on?”

“Does my ex still love me?”

“How can I get ​my ex to beg me back?”

But one day, one of my clients asked me the same question in a different way that made me think differently.  My client asked me.

“Are there certain words, said in a certain order, at a certain time that will make my ex want to be with me again?”

​It's the same question worded differently. But it triggered something in my mind. After all, every one of my client that got back together with their ex said something to their ex at a certain time that made them want to get back together.

​What if there are words, said in a certain order, at a certain time that will make your ex want you again? 

What if these words​ can

  • ​Make your ex love you again?
  • ​Make your ex crave you again?
  • ​Make them want a healthy relationship with you?

​My clients were saying and doing things in a certain order at a certain time that made their ex want to be with them and stay in a long lasting relationships.​

​I ​went on a quest to find those words and the order of those words.

No, I did not go to the Himalayas and met the secret Monks in Timbuktu who knew the secret to human mind and desire. No, I did not serve them for 3 years until they revealed the secret to me.

That would have made a good story, but it’s not true.

The truth is, my journey started with my library and ended up in front of my computer screen.

You see, Ryan and I have been working on clients from all over the world. We personally speak with hundreds of heartbroken people every month and go through their situation. We help them figure out what to do and what to say to their ex to get them back.

My journey included a lot of books on psychology and going through thousands of case studies of my coaching clients.

Eventually, my quest to find the perfect words in the perfect order came to an end. I did find a solution. But it was not magic. It was not too good to be true. It was simple, but it was not easy.

Here's What I discovered.

1. It’s not just about what comes out of your mouth.

Suppose I tell you these perfect set of words, specifically tailored for your situation, and we both figure out the perfect time for you to say these words to your ex.

But did you know that our communication is 80% non-verbal. Even if the words that come out of your mouth are perfect, your body may be saying something else entirely.

Considering that your ex knows you too well, they will be able to read your body language, your tone, your eyes and everything else in between with expertise. So even if you say the perfect words from your mouth, your ex is probably hearing something completely different if your body is not saying the same thing.

2. It’s not just about what you say, it’s also about what you ask?

Questions are as important as sentences. In a lot of cases, they can say more about how you feel, and they can either portray you as someone confident or as someone needy.

Look at these two questions for example,

“How can you not love me anymore?”

“What can we do to not repeat the same mistakes again?”

The first question is something that a needy person will ask. Someone who is dependent on their partner for validation.

While the second question is something that a calm and confident person will ask. Someone who does not want to repeat the same mistakes again.

3. Not Speaking Can Sometimes Say More Than Saying It. aka Timing is important.

A lot of times, you need to keep your mouth shut and your hands of the texting app to convey the right message. By saying anything at all at the wrong time, you are actually saying the wrong thing. Timing is important when you are trying to get your ex back.

4. It’s not just about what you say and ask your ex, it’s also about what you say and ask yourself.

This is a hard concept to grasp for most of my readers and clients. But it’s important. Suppose you keep telling yourself things like,

“I can’t live without my ex.”

“I will never be able to get over him.”

“What if I never find anyone who loves me?”

If you keep saying stuff like that to yourself, you are just reinforcing the neediness and desperation in your mind and thoughts. And that neediness and desperation is going to push your ex away.

Instead, if you say the right things to yourself and ask yourself the right questions, you will reinforce confidence and maturity in your mind​. For example,

“I will get through this.”

“Even if I don’t get ​my ex back, I will be fine.”

“What can I do to avoid making the same mistakes again?”

Saying the right things and asking the right questions to yourself is as important as saying the right thing to your ex. Because ultimately what you say to yourself will show up in your body language, in your tone, in your face, and in your actions. And that will eventually reach your ex through non-verbal communication.

5. It’s not just one thing you need to say to your ex. It’s actually FIVE CONVERSATIONS, in a certain order over a certain period of time.

Here’s the actual discovery of ​my research. It’s not just one thing that you need to say to your ex. There are no magical words that by themselves will convince your ex to come back.

But ​having these FIVE ESSENTIAL CONVERSATIONS, in a certain order, over a period of time can skyrocket your chances of getting ​your ex back.

​The 5 Conversations To Get Your Ex Back and Keep Them Permanently

​I ​discovered that there are 5 essential conversations that most people have with an ex over a period of time that makes them get back in a healthy relationship with their ex.

These conversations are not a cookie cutter solution ​for all relationships. They are unique to every relationship and every situation. But the​se 5 Essential conversations follow the same basic​ outline in almost all the cases.

​It's not a magical solution. It's more than just "no contact". It's not manipulation. And it's not a trick.

​​When I speak about these five conversations, it almost sounds like a magic trick. And I want to be very clear about this. It's not a magical solution. It's not manipulation. These are real conversations that naturally happen over time when ​both you and your ex are dedicated to getting back in a healthy relationship.

The problem is that most people don't know how to have these conversations. In most cases, people actually try to avoid having these conversations. And when it's time to have these conversations, they screw it up because they are not prepared for it.

​But if you know how to have these conversations, you will excel at every step of getting your ex back. Your ex will be amazed by the confidence and understanding you show whenever it's time to have these conversations.

​Note: In some cases, it may feel like things are not progressing with your ex. That happens because you are avoiding having one of these conversation with your ex. 

​Think about it. Wasn't it the long and meaningful conversations that made you f​all in love with each​​​ other in the first place? 

Doesn't it make sense that you need to have some meaningful conversations to get them back?

​If you know exactly how to have those conversations with your ex, you will skyrocket your chances of getting them back.

​​When I analyzed the cases of my clients, it was crystal clear what worked and what didn't. 

​No contact and self-improvement is a huge part of the picture. Yes, you need to g​et some space and you need to work on becoming a better version of yourself.

​​But ​no contact alone does not get you your ex back.

​I found a key difference in clients who got their ex back in a healthy relationship and clients who didn't.

The difference was the ability to have these real meaningful conversations with their ex. For ​the clients who got their ex back, it came naturally. The self-improvement work they had done was enough for them to​ have these conversations.

But some clients had no clue how to have these conversations. Sure they also worked on becoming a better version of themselves. But they were still unprepared to have these conversations with their ex. And as a result, their ex went from being interested to indifferent. 

​How Can My Clients Get Better Results?

​To get better results for my clients I had to figure out how I can help them have these meaningful conversations with their ex. ​I realized th​ere are three crucial things that determines their success.

​​​​Effective Self-Improvement​

​Understanding the Timing​

​​​Learning The Basics of These Conversations​

​​​​Self-Improvement is a huge part of the process, but it's not just about going to the gym or feeling good about yourself. ​If you want your ex back, you need to do more than that. You need self-improvement that is most effective in getting your ex back. You need to dig deeper, figure out the root cause of the breakup and fix that. And you need to learn how to communicate in a way that is effective in getting your ex back.

​Understanding the Timing ​is also very important. The clients who used these conversations to get their ex back understood when to have these meaningful conversations with their ex. If you don't understand the timing, you may screw up your chances by trying to have this conversation when your ex isn't ready. Or even worse, you may try to have this conversation when you are not ready. 

Lastly, I needed to help my clients understand the ​BASICS OF THESE CONVERSATIONS.​ ​What is the purpose of each conversation? How do you start it with an ex? How do you respond if your ex reacts negatively?

Sure I can give them examples, but real conversations don't always follow the same template. No matter how many examples I give, my clients need to be confident in themselves when they are having these conversation with their ex. If they are just following a template, these conversations will not have the same impact.


What Are These Conversations?

Each one of these conversations has a specific purpose. 

  • ​​Conversation 1 and 2
    ​The first two conversations are designed to help give you a clean slate with your ex. In most cases, an ex has a huge wall of defense to even start talking to you normally. They will either completely ignore you or they will be cold whenever you reach out to them. The first two conversations help you get past that and get your ex to a place where they feel comfortable speaking with you.
  • ​​Conversations 3 and 4
    ​​The third and fourth conversations are designed to help you get past the defenses of getting back together. When your ex broke up, they built defenses around the idea of getting back in a relationship with you. Even though they may have started speaking with you again, it doesn't necessarily mean they will want to get back together. A lot of people just "hope" that their ex will see how they have changed and want to reconcile. ​Sure, it works for some. But they still need to have these conversations with their ex. Sooner or later. I've noticed that people who are proactive about having these conversations have a better success rate of not only getting their ex back but also keeping them.
  • ​Conversation 5
    ​This conversation actually happens after getting back together. In fact, this conversation happens in most healthy relationships. But a lot of people who get their ex back try to avoid this conversation because they don't know how to have it. As a result, their relationship stops growing and they end up ​in a breakup again. The first four conversations help you get your ex back. The fifth conversation helps you keep them for a long time.

​How Can You Learn Th​is?

​It's not possible for me to teach this one on one to every one. ​​I charge ​$400/month to my email coaching clients. And my slots are very limited. ​​

The best way for me to teach this to my ​readers is to give them a comprehensive plan to follow. If you've read any of my articles here at Ex Back Permanently, you know I write detailed plans that are easy to follow.

But these Conversations and the self-improvement work needed to have these conversations with your ex needs a lot more detail than what I have written here at Ex Back Permanently.

I wanted to make a one stop solution that gives you everything you need to heal from the breakup, grow as a person, become confident and learn how to have these conversations with your ex.

I wanted to include guidelines on how and when to have these conversations ​for EVERY BREAKUP SITUATION.

​I wanted to give you tools that you can use to heal from the breakup and do the type of self-improvement that is most effective in getting an ex back.

​I realized that the best way to do that is an online course.

​The ULTIMATE TOOL to get your ex ​​back and keep​ Them

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

  • 1
    ​EBP Advanced ​Course: ​​​The Ultimate Online Course that teaches you everything you need to get your ex back and keep them forever. It teaches you the proper way to do no contact in your situation. It ​will help you figure out what caused your breakup and how to fix it. It teaches you exactly the things you need to do for effective self-improvement. ​And it teaches you how to have these five essential conversations with your ​​​ex. It also includes a "Special Cases" section that teaches you how to implement the EBP Advanced System for special breakup cases such infidelity, separation, divorce, long distance, and if you have children.
  • 2
    The​ Advanced Healing Worksheets: A 30 days email course. ​The secret tool that helps you heal, and figure out how to rebuild attraction and connection IN YOUR PARTICULAR RELATIONSHIP. These worksheets are delivered to you on your email once a day for 30 days. ​Takes 15 minutes a day.
  • 3
    ​The ​Better Communication ​Course: ​The most important skill that can breathe life in a dying relationship is Communication skills. People who work on their communication skills have a much better chance of getting their ex back and keeping them. In this Bonus Course, I will teach you some basics that will make you a master ​at effective communications. 
  • 4
     ​Overcoming Anxiety Course: ​Anxiety has a debilitating effect on us in many areas of ​our lives. If you made some mistakes after the breakup, it was probably because you were anxious about losing your ex. If you don't learn how to take control of your anxiety, you are likely to make some mistakes again. In this course, you will learn how to overcome anxiety​​​ and how to not let it affect your chances of getting your ex back.

​Here's What Our Customers Think

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart as we are engaged again.

I followed your programme, sometimes not always to the 't' but 99% and it worked! After an awful, unfortunate break-up last March, things slower started to patch together again in late September last year - and I mean slowly. Lizzie and I were engaged last time and due to be married in July 2016. It went wrong in March - but enough of the negative!

Truth is, your programme worked, was SO accurate in what was happening on the other side in her life through the break-up, what Lizzie was thinking, doing, checking (Facebook through a mutual friend as we were blocked), all sorts! I followed your tips, hints, behaviours and I'm pleased to see I was successful. I also had a lot of sorting out to do in myself - and you helped me so much with your daily emails. Wow.

I appreciate you may not have time to respond or even check emails such as this - but I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart as we are engaged ​again.

What I loved about your programme the most was it wasn't just about getting back with somebody - it was a process to decide if you actually really wanted to - or not. THAT'S what I loved most. The lists to make, the thinking, the process - all of it! Wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kevin! Will send you a pic of the wedding day!

Cory McAllen

- UK

“​we're determined to work on ourselves and on the relationship so that we get it right this time

​It feels like I'm getting a do-over on my relationship, that we're both better and stronger people now. Not only have we gotten back together, but we're determined to work on ourselves and on the relationship so that we get it right this time. He's a great guy and I feel so blessed to have another shot with him. Thanks for giving me the help and the hope to not give up on him. Your material helped me formulate a game plan, which was something to focus on when my heart was really hurting.

​Karen Lewis

- ​Georgia, USA

​"It has transformed my life and my life with her.."

​Your system is so amazing. My future wife (yes we got engaged) over the weekend came home last week. I followed every step of your system and made sure to go through with NC and all the sheets you send every week. It has transformed my life and my life with her. We actually had the absolute best conversation that we have had in years last week. We talked about every issue and laid everything out. 

Put everything out there on the table and we are probably better now than we ever have been. Open and honest with each other with everything. I want to personally thank you for your system and what it has done in my life. You are simply amazing! Every man that wants to change for the better and transform should follow your system! Because if they do; I am living proof that it works! Words can not express my gratitude!


- ​​​North Carolina, USA

"He wants me back since 2 weeks.."

​​Many thanks Kevin. Your worksheets and daily emails helped me not only to stay sane but also to work on myself, learn a lot about myself. I still love my ex and he wants me back since 2 weeks. However I am uncertain as I just let go myself. We will meet in 2 days. I will listen to my gut feeling and then walk away to digest. 


- ​​Austria

​How Much Does it Cost?

​Before I tell you how much the Ex Back Permanently Advanced System costs, I want you to think how much it would mean to you. How much it would mean to

  • ​Get Your Ex Back and Keep Them.... NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SITUATION IS
  • ​Regain Your Confidence, and learn the skills to start and maintain the relationship of your dream
  • ​Get your ex to want to BUILD A FUTURE TOGETHER
  • ​Keep ​them madly in love with you WITHOUT using any tricks or manipulation.

​It's not for the weak.

​I've gotta be honest with you, if you are looking for a quick fix solution, it's not for you.

What you will learn in the EBP Advanced System will TAKE WORK AND COMMITMENT.

But if you think your ex ​is worth it, you won't think twice about investing.

​The EBP Advanced System is not expensive. You get years of breakup coaching experience IN A STRUCTURED PROGRAM, to help you heal, get h​er back and keep h​er. You get a step by step solution for your breakup and you will learn exactly how to have these meaningful conversations with your ex to make them want a relationship with you.

And you get all of this fo​r only


​That's a deal compared to what I charge for personal coaching. ​It's not just an ebook like most Ex Back Guru's sell. It's an online course. You are getting a complete system to help you rebuild the strongest relationship with love of your life.

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

​Everything you need to get​ your ex back and keep them forever. Everything you need get yourself back and grow into the best version of yourself.

Everything you need to have the type of relationship that lasts for decades and only grows stronger with time.

Do​ you want your ex ​​to love you ​for who you are? Do you want ​them to love you unconditionally? If yes, then click the button below.

100% Satisfaction, 60 Days Refund Guarantee


“​​For the girl who is in so much pain and is debating on buying the course based on how well it'll work to get your ex back (hello past me) please do this for yourself

Wanted to shoot you all a quick email and give you a tremendous THANK FUCKING YOU, for the Ex Back Permanently ​Course. 

I fell in love for the first time last year. Most inconvenient time, I'd lost my parents at a young age, I've been raising my younger sisters since I was a kid, basically this person represented my happiness, the comfort I lost from losing my parents, my hopes and dreams etc. When we broke up it was DEVASTATING. On my self esteem, my emotional wellbeing, I didn't think I was going to make it. It sounds melodramatic but I know that there have to be others out there who are currently in the same position and I want them to know this program is ABSOLUTELY the reason I am not only fully recovered but more of myself, clear on my purpose, and happily very good loving friends with my ex. Through the methods used in the EBP I healed from the breakup in 2 weeks (I traveled across the country, and went on tons of dates trying to heal...nothing worked as effectively as the EBP approach helped me).

I saw my ex and  felt empowered and strong and confident, and like I had the tools in my pocket to make things go the way I wanted them to go. The minute I saw him, thanks to the tools in EBP, I knew that I had healed because the sadness and longing and disappointment were fully over. It was like it broke the spell he had on me and I was back to my powerful sexy self.

This testimonial probably isn't exciting for those who are super attached to MUST HAVE HIM BACK lol, but for the girl who is in so much pain and is debating on buying the course based on how well it'll work to get your ex back (hello past me) please do this for yourself. Because if you don't get him back, you'll get YOU back and you'll feel good, you'll be powerful, happy and feel loved again instead of broken, lost and emotionally devastating. Thanks so much Kevin. Can't stress how lifechanging this was for me. Appreciate you!!! Best $​67 I've ever spent. 

​Faith M

- ​​USA

I was extremely skeptical to purchase your program, but I'm so glad I did"

​Just want to start by saying that I have never wrote to someone that I have purchased a product from. I have never written a review/testimonial for anyone other than friends. And although I don't know you, I felt compelled to write you. When I first researched what to do when I broke up with my girlfriend and found your site. I was extremely skeptical to purchase your program, but I'm so glad I did. I was hurting and I was willing to do anything! Truthfully, the only reason I purchased your program was bc of the 100% guarantee and I intended on getting a full refund as soon as I saw the content. But I literally read 10 pages into your ​course and felt relieved already. 

You made sense of so much that had happened. I actually laughed at some of the things you mentioned because of how spot on you were with how my ex would react. Even though some of her reactions should have really pissed me off! I knew already that whatever I paid was more than worth it. If I hadn't found your program I would have had many more sleepless nights and I never would have been able to properly heal from the breakup. I'm only 3/4 of the way through the no contact period (which is sofaking hard btw) so I don't know what's going to happen with my ex yet, but I now know I can handle whatever does happen. Thank you for putting your content out there for guys/ girls like me that needed a plan and the words of encouragement through such a mind twisting time. Your daily emails and healing worksheets were a great way for me to break from the day and get my thoughts out.


- ​​California, USA

About ​Kevin Thompson

​The founder and the mastermind behind Ex Back Permanently. If you've read his articles on the website, you know he doesn't beat around the bush. He is determined to give men and women around the world the tools they need to deal with breakup and build the relationships they deserve.

​It works for almost every situation out there.

​After being in the field for 10 years, I've seen pretty much every situation that is out there. Trust me, no matter how bad your situation might be, THERE'S A GOOD CHANCE THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU.

​Here are some of the most common situations ​in which my customers found success using the Ex Back Permanently Advanced System

  • ​​Your ex broke up with you
  • ​you broke up with ​your ex
  • ​​your ex started dating someone immediately after a breakup
  • ​they have blocked your number and you don't have a way to contact them
  • ​they say they hate you
  • ​your ex says they love you but don't want to be with you
  • ​​your ex backed out because of fear of commitment
  • You were together for a long time (more than 5 years)
  • You were together only for a short time (less than 6 months)
  • You broke up a long time ago but still feel a connection
  • You have children together
  • You live together
  • ​You were in a long distance relationship
  • ​your ex didn't feel like you are the one
  • ​your ex lost attraction during the end of the relationship
  • ​you cheated on ​your ex
  • ​your ex cheated on you
  • your ex wanted to explore other options

​it takes the guess work away

​The Ex Back Permanently Advanced System is designed to take the guess work away from getting your ex back. There is a good chance you will encounter a range of situations and emotions as you move forward in trying to win your ex back. But if you are confident in yourself, you will be able to face every situation and come out stronger and more confident than before.

The EBP Advanced System gives you the tools that you can use to fix every situation, even the ones not mentioned above. It's able to do that because it's built around CORE RELATIONSHIP PSYCHOLOGY.

Once you learn the basics of these five essential conversations, you will be able to use them in your situation to attract your ex back and connect with them in a way they have never experienced before.

​How does it compare to all the other ex back products?

​It's a valid question and I am glad you asked. You are investing your time, trust and money into us and we want you to be sure that you are satisfied with your investment.

​Here's a glimpse of what you will find in almost all the "Ex Back Products" out there

Do No Contact ----> Reach Out To ​them Casually ----> Flirt a bit ----> Play hard to get ----> ​Make ​your ex jealous

As you can imagine, that's not a healthy way to get back together. Most gurus have no idea how to have these essential conversations with an ex. All they know about is "No Contact Rule". And they just repackage the No Contact Rule in an ebook and sell it with clever marketing.

The EBP Advanced System is much much more than that. Not only it's the only product out there that teaches you these five essential conversation​; it's also the only product that teaches you how to heal and grow effectively during no contact so you are ready for these conversation.

In addition, the bonus courses (The Better Communication Course and The Overcoming Anxiety Course) teach you some very important life skills that will help you in all your future relationships. It's not just some fluff material that most gurus try to sell as bonuses.

​Ex Back Permanently Advanced

  • ​Based on core relationship psychology
  • ​teaches you how to build a strong relationship that lasts for decades
  • ​includes advanced healing worksheets. an e-course designed to help you heal and figure out how to fix the root cause of your breakup.
  • ​designed to help you become confident and equip you with the tools to rebuild a strong connection with her.
  • ​Teaches you how to have the 5 essential and meaningful conversations with your ex
  • ​wants you to act out of love

​A normal "Ex Back Product​"

  • ​based on no contact rule and a few tricks
  • ​teaches you how to manipulate your ex by playing hard to get.
  • ​usually, they offer 5-6 USELESS bonuses about topics that sound enticing but are not very helpful and practical.
  • ​designed in hope that no contact and few tricks will get your ex back, so they can use your testimonial.
  • ​Teaches you how to play mind games with your ex
  • ​wants you to buy OUT OF FEAR

A glimpse inside member's area

Here's ​What you get

  • The ​Ultimate Course To Get Your Ex Back: Including the 5 Essential Conversations to get your ex back, how to do effective self-improvement, and exactly when to have these conversations with your ex.
  • Advanced Healing Worksheets E-course: THE ONLY COURSE on the internet that helps you heal during no contact and learn how to fix your relationship at the same time.
  • ​OverComing Anxiety Course:​​​ ​​Understand the anxiety that leads you to make ​mistakes and figure out how to overcome it. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Don't let your anxiety ruin your chances of getting back together.
  • Better Communication Course: A ​short course that teaches you the basics of effective communications. You can use the tactics in this course not just with your ex but with every one else.
  • ​​​​Special Cases Guidance:Figure out how to use the EBP plan in special cases breakups. Breakups that include infidelity, marriage, children, long distance or rebound relationships.
  • ​​Works in almost every situation. Even the ones that seem impossible.
  • ​Tells you exactly how to re-initiate contact and rebuild a strong connection with your ex. Use the five conversations to get past every defense your ex may have.
  • ​​Designed for the ​Warrior​. For men and women who are not afraid to do the work to get the love life of their dream. For people who want to take control of ​their love life and get the relationship ​they want and deserve.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


60 Days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't ​​think EBP Advanced System is worth your time and money,​ just let us know within 6​0 days and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Why should I pay money for this information?

​​​Should I wait until No Contact is Over?

​I am still not sure if it will work for my situation

​I am not sure how to pay you.

​I​ cheated on my ex. Will it still work?

​How can I know you will honor your refund policy?

​How do I access the contents after purchase?

​Why don't you have a "simple trick" I can use to get ​my ex back permanently?

​My situation is different. Will it work for me?

​My Ex is in a Rebound. Will it work?

P.S:  If you are still on the fence about purchasing this, I want to remind you that this product comes with a 60 days refund policy. You have nothing to lose. If it doesn't work for you, simply contact us and ask for a refund.​ ​

​PPS: ​It's good to be skeptical about purchasing things online. But I highly recommend you get this as soon as possible. If you want your ex back, there is a good chance you will have to have one of the five essential conversations with your ex sooner or later.

What if your ex calls you tomorrow and they want to talk about what went wrong in the relationship?​​​ Would you be able to handle that conversation with confidence? A lot of people screw up these conversations because they don't know how to have them. The EBP Advanced system teaches you the basics of these conversations and gives you detailed examples that you can use for your situation.

​Even if you are sure your ex will not call you out of the blue, you still need to learn about these conversation. In some cases, you may need to reach out to your ex and have Conversation ​1 or Conversation 2. If you don't, then your ex may just assume that you have moved on and they will move on from you as well.

My point is, ​if you want your ex back, you should know about these conversations and how to have them. And with a 60 days refund guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Click below to get started.

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