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who am I?

My name is Ryan Leo.

To some of you reading this, you may recognize my name from our exchanges in the comments section or certain articles in the website.

Truth is, I’ve been working closely with Kevin over the past year, assisting him with research, fine-tuning our content and strategies on reconciliation, as well as relationship coaching (both on our website and through emails).

I took a personal interest in relationships and breakups at a relatively young age, after going through an extremely toxic relationship myself in college, and wanted to find ways to appropriately cope with my emotions and control my actions.

It was at that time when I realized that in reality, many people weren’t dealing with breakups properly, which often caused things to escalate into an emotional mess beyond repair or reconciliation.

Between people wanting their exes back for the wrong reasons and emotional desperation causing others to do something they regret, I made the decision that I could no longer sit around and watch people self-destruct. I HAD to intervene and help as many people do the right as I could.

Since then, I have read through hundreds ​of published papers and books about relationships and emotions to better understand the intricacies of this topic, to learn about what works (and what doesn’t).

Currently, I specialize in psychology and relationships, holding a degree in the former while focusing specifically on the latter. I’ve been in the relationship industry for several years now, initially starting out as a research assistant, and working my way up to where I am today, an experienced relationship coach.

I’ve read and answered thousands of comments on the websites since starting my journey with Kevin, and have helped through just as many people going through tough breakups.

Note From Kevin Thompson: Ryan has been a part of the team for more than a year now and I am constantly amazed by his insight on breakup situations. I am amazed because he says exactly what I would have said. It's safe to say when you get advice from Ryan, you are getting the best advice on reconciliation. Because I would​ probably give you the same advice as him.

I can safely say that with Kevin’s articles, along with my coaching, we’ll give you a pretty solid chance at winning your ex back, as our combination makes for one of the best insights in the world.

I want to help you get your ex back, but before I do anything, we need to establish if this is indeed what you need and that we’re not wasting each other’s time.

who a​re you?

The fact that you ​are here at Ex Back Permanently shows that you are serious about getting your ex back.

But, I don’t really know if you are serious about self-improvement. It doesn’t tell me that you are serious about becoming a better version of yourself.

It doesn’t tell me if you are willing to develop the right skills that you will need to make your relationship work.

I want to work with you, I truly do. But I need to know a few things about you.

  • ​Are you doing this just to get your ex back? Or are you doing this so you can learn to create and maintain a healthy relationship with the person you love?
  • ​Are you willing to work on yourself? Do you care about becoming a better version of yourself?
  • ​Are you invested in yourself as much as you are in getting your ex back?If you answered yes to the above questions, read on.

​What am I offering?

​We are  offering insight.

The kind of insight that only comes after years of experience in a very particular field.

After going through thousands of cases of breakups personally. After reading tons of research and books on a topic.

This is not the type of insight that you can get from a therapist or a psychologist.

​At Ex Back Permanently, we are a big advocate of therapy and I recommend almost everyone to go to therapy when they feel they need help.

But this is not therapy. This is insight.

  • ​Insight on what is the most effective way to get your ex back IN YOUR SITUATION
  • Insight about what your ex is doing and how it affects you and your chances of getting back together.
  • ​Insight on your chances of getting back together.
  • ​Insight on what you should do if things don’t go as planned, if you make a mistake, or if you already have made a lot of mistakes.
  • Insight on what went wrong in your relationship and what is the best way to fix it.
  • Insight on your shortcomings and how you can become a better version of yourself.
  • Insight on what is the best way to show your ex things will be different this time.
  • Insight on the best way to contact your ex to rebuild attraction, connection and trust.
  • Insight on anything that is related to your ex or your love life.

​I am confident in my ability to help you along this course. I am confident that my insights will be EXTREMELY VALUABLE to you as you try to get your ex back or move on.

how does it work?​

  • ​I only do email support. No face to face, no phone calls, no Skype calls, no instant messaging.
  • ​Email support is either a monthly subscription or a package service. You will be charged monthly for the monthly subscription unless you decide to cancel.
  • ​I reply within 48 hours (weekdays) or 72 hours (weekends).
  • ​I cannot guarantee RESULTS (impossible, because we are dealing with HUMAN EMOTIONS), but I WILL give you my honest input and feedback, and stack the odds in your favor as much as possible.
  • ​This isn't about lame tricks such as playing mind games with your ex. I don't teach "tricks" (although I know most of them) — listen, this is not a game, it is real life and real emotions, but the line is awfully blurred at times and I'll make sure you are able to differentiate the two.
  • ​I genuinely care, and will guarantee my full attention for each client.

​How much does it cost?

Working with clients on a personal level is an emotional investment for ​us at Ex Back Permanently.

​Both Kevin and I ​are empathic guys and when someone shares their personal life with me, ​we can’t help but get emotionally invested.

​We root for my clients.

​We feel joy when they progress.

​We feel ecstatic when they get their ex back.

​We feel sad when things don’t go as planned.

And sometimes ​we even feel frustration when they make obvious mistakes that I tell them not to make.

When you work with me, it will soon become obvious that I am trying everything in my power to help you succeed.

So how much does it take to have ​this expertise on your side?



​No. It's actually much cheaper than that. In fact, we have a lot of options depending on your budget. Scroll down below for our pricing options.

Note #1: This service is non-refundable because my time is also non-refundable. However, I do reserve the right to refund you in full and cancel the arrangement IF for whatever reason we are unable to make this work (something that would become apparent early on I'm sure!)

​Unlimited Replies

​For Those Who Can Afford It

​Unlimted Email Replies

​Monthly Subscription

  • ​Email Coaching with ​Ryan Leo
  • ​Ask as Many ​Questions via email
  • ​Ideal For Those Who Don't Want to Take Risk
  • ​Best Option if you can afford it

$​197 / month

​Non - Refundable. Cancel Any Time

​3 Emails Package

​Best Value For Money

​3 Email Replies

​3 Months Validity

  • ​Email Coaching With ​Ryan Leo
  • ​Ask as many questions you want within 3 emails.
  • ​Ideal for those who have specific questions
  • ​Best Option for majority of people


​Non - Refundable. One Time Payment

​1 Email Package

​Get one reply for cheap

​1 Email Reply

​2 Months Validity

  • ​Email Coaching with Ryan Leo
  • ​Ask upto 3 questions after explaining your situation
  • ​Ideal for those with a few specific question
  • ​Best Option On a Budget


​Non - Refundable. One Time Payment

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